fossil shirt!


i havent made one of these bad boys in a while!! BUT i recently completed my fossil exhibit in new leaf, and ive NEVER done that before!!! this is my first time completing an exhibit in general in an animal crossing game!! so i made this to celebrate :)

froggy tshirt !!


I GOT MY SD CARD ADAPTER !!! :D i can finally upload these w/o all the hassle !!! i made this design originally for wild world, since i got a copy recently from my partner, but i thought it'd be super cute in new leaf too !!

if you want this shirt in wild world, email me so i can add you!! im still trying to get my internet set up and working on my 3DS with the game, and im not even sure its totally possible yet... but i can also just screengrab the grid for you if you wanna recreate it!

boba t-shirt + an adapted horizons design!


so recently tabby gave me a bubble tee... and i thought, how cute would it be if i made a bubble TEA-tee??? i tried my hand at a gradient, but i dont think the lighter colors worked too well together for it.. but it's still cute!!

a while ago, i also spent some time recreating a really cute design i found for new horizons in new leaf!! here's the original...

and here's my rendition!

sidenote, i cannot WAIT until i get an SD card adapter. i had to upload all of these images one by one to twitter first, then save them, THEN upload them to neocities. i'd have just taken pictures, but i have NO idea how to look at my SD card pictures without using the image share, and that just gives you the teeniest little preview that i'm not sure would register if you tried to scan it... i swear when i get that adapter i'll be UNSTOPPABLE!!!!

kiddie brick paths!


i made these for my town after realizing that there were like.. NO nice single-tile paths with primary colors for new leaf. horizons got all the good stuff!! >__> so i made one with some mismatched bricks for the color distribution, and one w bricks that match up when you have them next to each other!

let me know if the qr for the first one doesnt register!! i THINK it should, but my phone has this weird autofocus feature.. i'd upload the images directly, but i don't have a microSD, and my laptop doesnt have a normal SD slot TT__TT

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