About Me

hi !! i guess you're here because you wanna know more about me?? for some reason >__>

you can call me a lot of things, but a lot of people will call me soda, or cupid, or key! all of 'em are nice! :) im 20 years old, and i use he/him and it/its pronouns, and a LOT of neopronouns - feel free to ask for my sets!!!

im also CRAAAZYY in love w someone !!!!! i cant tell u their name for privacy reasons, but we r gonna get married and i might post stuff of us once in a while!! :)

what elllse.... i have a lot of cats!! the one that hangs out with me the most is squeaks, she's a diluted tortoiseshell and i think she's around 5 years old?? shes very talkative and always looks like she's pregnant LOL, will add a pic of her here soon!!

as for stuff i like, there's a lot!!! i like the old internet (obviously, that's why i made this page), but i also like:

- x-men cartoons

- x-men comics

- animal crossing (i'm playing new leaf right now!)

- loud music

- art

take a look at my fanlistings/stamps/blinkies page too!!