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My Journal ('22 - '23)

putting graphix here soon :)


being very normal about sun wukong


firstly: i did pass my second level certification test!! AND im already taking the third one this friday :)

now that that's out of the way.....


[inhale] [exhale]

ok im done . ive been grinding my teeth all day every time i remember how s4e10 ends it has been driving me crazy!!! it turns out i experience erotomania which makes all These Emotions make a LOT more sense . i want to bury myself in a hole until the special comes out!!

in the meantime though.. im trying to engage with other stuff with wukong in it to feel better! i started watching the "havoc in heaven" animated movie today, and i'm planning to watch the other two movies by the same studio :) plus, i get paid today!! so im gonna see if i can commission some peachfuzz art to make me feel better too.. maybe get more cute little wukong figures or other merch ?? itd be fun to add to my collection a bit more..

in ANY case. i am trying very very hard to NOT freak out about lmk wukong bc i miss him. eye twitch . im so so so brave

big test day!! and other lil updates


to start this off: yesterday at OMSI was great !! we get to go back again next thursday too, and we get to do that every other month !!! im so excited, working with the kids and getting to teach them new things was so awesome!! even before we were doing our real work, i got to tell two little girls about ball pythons and they were FASCINATED by the concept of their heat pits, it was so sweet!!

aside from that though.. today is the day i take my ic3 gs6 level TWO test!! im pretty confident in myself, ive been reviewing the material REALLY hard for the past couple weeks and drilling it into my head lol - is this what studying is??? but when i have that done, it means im probably going to actually get my FULL certification next phase, and THEN i get to work on my compTIA cert too!! it's kind of the all-around tech/IT certification, so it's going to be nice to have on the resume while i'm applying to jobs and tryin to get into college :) which speaking of, i decided i want to go to college!! i kinda have to to be a teacher lol, but im also excited?? like, being at a point where college seems like something Possible and not this massive pile of debt and stress is weird but also really nice?? maybe i'm finally growing up ..? ....naaaahhhh

i get my next school check next week too!! im gonna only put 100 in savings this time i think.. just because i have so much stuff i wanna buy this go around!! mostly practical stuff actually lol - i need to get some storage tubs, and another litter box for our cats this weekend, so im gonna see if we can stop by dollar tree for those! :) and maybe goodwill or another thrift store, bc theres one right by school id like to look at.. hunt for some teddies perhaps.... which reminds me i need to finish that page w the rest of my collection so far !! its just that theres like NO transparent images of them online, so i have to do them by hand.. so tiring @~@

AND ONE LAST THING: didi bought me a copy of tender is the flesh, and it arrived yesterday !!!! i'm so excited to get back to reading it, i'm probably gonna start from the beginning since i only got maybe a chapter or two in the first time around?? once i finish velocity, i might even start bringing it to school to read during SSR.... now i just need to get COWS to read after THAT too !! i should make a TBR list on here i think.... i have a little "2023 library" in my bullet journal, but i think itd be fun to have something like that on here too!! i might work on that today.... so many plans!!

the downfall of vent, my brand new shrine... and OMSI !!

3/2/23 (it's a palindrome!)

so a lot's kinda happened in the past few weeks, huh ?? or at least it has for me :P

FIRSTLY. the vent app is finally dying and i'm still sad about it :( it's got about 2 more weeks until it goes down for good, and they're working on a clone of sorts, but i was on there for years!! it was what i used before i started using twitter more (gag) and i had such good usernames.. and such cool mutuals :'( i was able to follow all of them on other socials, but it's still sad to see the actual app go!! it's such a unique place with such a fun little UI...

but on positive notes, the wukong shrine is BASICALLY done !! i actually put in some info about him this time, and i'll probably update kurt's with a bit of info on him too.. if you have sun wukong (ANY sun wukong) gifs, SEND THEM TO MEEE!!! PLEASE my gifs section for him is EMPTY and im scared to look in monkie kid tags because of season 4 spoilers TT~TT BUT this shrine has an added COLLECTION section!! which i NEED to update bc i have 3 new additions (2 from didi ♡) that came over the past few days !!!

ALSO.. today is the first day that me and my team at school get to go to OMSI for our community service!!! i think today we're kinda just taking a look around to get familiar with everything, but i'm so excited because we get to work with kids!!! we help with demonstrations for the different exhibits, and i think this is going to be REALLY good for my resume.. because if anyone doesn't know, i'm wanting to become an elementary school teacher for my career !!! so getting some experience in teaching kids and interacting with them is going to be REALLY nice... i'll update this w how it goes today!! they have a whole HUGE breakroom which i am EXCITED to Be In imagine. me! in a breakroom! like a real working grownup!

1 down, 3 to go!! also, happy vday! ^^


guess who passed its first GED test last week ?? THIS GUY!!!!

it was my social studies test :) i decided to go for that first, because science has some chemistry i dont know yet, and math is. math. but im also getting a lot better with math, and we found a new function on the calculators we use that will make it SO much easier!!

also, happy valentines day!!!! my valentine is obviously my beloved didi ♡♡♡♡ we're going to be watching my bloody valentine for our date this year!! and maybe doing a little art together?? IM absolutely drawing something to celebrate the occasion, but im hoping we can do a little collab piece too :)

we're also learning about 3d printing and design this phase at school !! which is really exciting!! maybe i can print didi a little gift, like a jason todd pin..... didi if you see this No You Dont look away!!!!!!! we're using ''tinkerCAD'' though, which ive never heard of, so thats gonna be fun to learn!!

im also getting sooo much money at school?? i got like 345 bucks on the 8th its crazy!! ive already spent most of it..... but i have 95 still in savings!! and wont be spending ANY more. i prommy. we get paid every 8th anyway so thats a lot sooner after february!!

(almost) CERTIFIED !!


I PASSED MY FIRST IC3 GS6 TEST !!!!!! so technically i havent actually earned the full cert yet, ive still got two more tests.. but i did REALLY well !!! i got 947/1000 !!! we also got new computers at school and tbh i like typing on these a LOT better already, the keys are super clicky :) but the display is kinda weird, its a lot warmer and more desaturated than the old ones.. its not TOO annoying i just gotta get used 2 it

umm what else to update on so this isnt super short.. i made a chickensmoothie account !! its xmenfan2001 of course if u wanna friend me ! im thinking abt making a page dedicated to my pet sites maybe ? i thought about adding offsite links to my sidebar for them but thatd make it SO long.. and i wanna show off some of my favorite pets!! JUST today i got one of the rares off my WL and im SUPER happy, its the little green PPS snake from the internet event !! im collecting PPS pets bc.. duh, PETER PAN syndrome??? obviously im going to get as many as i can !!! which ALSO reminds me i should make a peter pan shrine i think.... once i actually FINISH my other shrines LOL

i also had a chat with my student advocate today and she said that i might be able to take my first GED test as soon as the end of my next academic rotation!! which i think means in 2 weeks basically?? or 4 weeks - either way thats SO soon and im really excited to tackle it!! once i HAVE my GED theyre going to be helping me thru the process of my name change and getting it reissued too :)

today is so good . i cannot wait to get home and take the fattest nap in the world


the senior center was amazing !! i got to meet the actress for harriet from halloweentown !!! we did a presentation on email, but she wanted help figuring out how to get her headshot and resume online so she could get a new talent agency :') she was SO SO SO sweet!! we visit there monthly, and our teacher asked if she would be coming back, and she said "i'd come back just to see [irl name]"!!! and she called me so brave for being trans TTATT i loved her so much, im so excited to see her again!!

i'm also FINALLY trying to work on link graphics for my different directory pages!! im struggling bc ps7 doesnt have a symmetry tool though.. so im trying really hard to find a plugin for it (and failing OTL) but i have another plan that mayyy not require it but will still look nice.......

also i learned our rotation for school is every 2 weeks! so i get to work more on the tech worksite this week too!! which im REALLY excited for because that means more free time to work on my website >:3c hehehehehehe

ALSO ALSO i finished my FIRST ever deck on colors tcg!!! im going to make a special banner for it bc it was natsuki ♡♡♡♡♡ my baby my angel!!!!

i think thats all thats happened recently?? other than cherry moving into my new leaf town which was a fun surprise!! ummmm.. ya :)

another update from school! + site plans


i love posting from my school laptop - it makes me feel cool B) but we're back on worksite!! we get to go to a senior center this friday to present about .. something, and we get to help them with whatever issues theyre having with devices! we're also working on our compTIA and IC3 certification these weeks :) next week we're back on academics i think? which is GED type work!

im also thinking about what new pages to add to the site!! im thinking about making shrines for my selfships? but i also really want to make a shrine dedicated to horror-romance! i was thinking about it a lot last night, and i think it'd be fun to document some VNs and stuff that fall into that category !! if i DO make a selfship shrine, its probably going to be for peachfuzz, because thats what i have the most art of ^^;;

i also got some new adoptables if you look on my homepage!! AND im trying to decide on what i want my quilt patch to be.. i have the design basically down, just theres ooone little detail between the two versions im deciding between that's different and i can't decide which i like more.... but its kurt, obviously :P im going to be working on my teeny towers room when i get home today, too!

i think that's all for today? other than i also started playing new horizons again!! augh i should make a SWK shrine and include tiansheng.. i missed him so much!! im excited to finish my island, finally :)



shes HERE!!! she arrived so much sooner than expected i thought i was going to have to wait until monday !! the bad news is that the GBA port isnt working right now - OR the cartridge im using is broken - but i'm hoping that cleaning the contacts with some IPA will help :) the main game slot works just fine though!! i'm trying to look into how to mod it right now - i know it doesnt have internal storage, but i've seen people talk about using flashcarts for it? so i'm really curious about that!!

i also need to give it a good clean, its a little grimy all over in general, but otherwise in amazing condition !! its white as well, so it makes the little cosmetic scratches on the outside a lot more difficult to see :) i wanna get some more stickers soon to decorate it too!

also the games look SO much better on the tiny screen ?? which i guess is to be expected because theyre in their INTENDED aspect ratio instead of full-screened on a 3dsXL, but its really neat!! i might start playing wild world on the lite exclusively, but it also has this weird kind of ghosting effect? idk, ill decide on that ! but the screen is like SPOTLESS and completely scratch-free which was a really nice surprise :) it came with all the fixings!! charger, stylus, the dust cover for the gba port, all of it!! im so happy i bought it, im excited to use it more!

christmas money purchases !!


so i got like 200 dollars as a late christmas gift and i finally went on a little spending spree !!! im so so excited because i FINALLY was able to buy a new-to-me cassette player that should HOPEFULLY actually WORK this time....... it said it was tested working, so here's to hoping!!!

in preparation for that new player, i actually am recording a new album i really like onto cassette!! i WAS planning to buy some merch for the band, including the albums CD, but it just wouldnt let me give them my money and kept insisting something was wrong with my address details?? so hopefully i can figure that out another time.. but i finally stopped being a dummy and figured out how youre SUPPOSED to put tapes into a cassette player/recorder so that it can actually CLOSE, so this has gone a lot better than my bullets cassette lol

i really went ham honestly along with that i got a new microsd for our switch, i got a travel case for my 3ds, some new headphones, AND a little hand vacuum for myself to hopefully make cleaning my room a bit easier! right now the prospect of SWEEPING and PICKING UP everything is what keeps me from doing it..... so hopefully this motivates me a bit :)

speaking of motivation, i started new meds !! im on wellbutrin now! i should be upping my dose in march when i go back for my follow-up w my new GP, bc it's been really good for my executive function so far!! (rn im on half the normal dose, 150mg)

im back in school!!


i'm so excited to share this - i got into a GED program!! it's called Portland Youth Builders - i start officially in January, but since the 12th ive been going through the orientation week!! right now i'm updating my blog from the worksite!! :)

we also are learning silhouette studio !! i made a small kurt-themed sticker yesterday and slapped it right on my waterbottle, i love it so much!! i'll probably make more stickers once we come back from break - i need to see if i can get a cricut or something at home...

but i'm really excited for this!! i'm getting up early and on a good schedule, i'm on new meds, i'm showering every day.. and now i have the opportunity to finally finish my education and get my license!! PYB takes care of like, EVERYTHING. it's been incredible so far!!!

when i get home today (once i have my daily nap), i'm also finally going to take pictures for my cherished teddies collection page!! i SWEAR i will!!

did you SEE the splatoon direct???? WOW!!!!! + site update ideas?


first of all . oh my god the direct. im so so hyped for the pre-release splatfest!!!!! im already thinking about what i want my character to wear in the full game.. and not to mention the new idols?? im in looveee with their designs, especially frye!!!! also the new nautilus guy is SO cute, i love the design!!

but im still stumped on what to do for my layout on here... i like my layout, but it could be better !! until i decide what to do and how to do it, in the meantime i'm gonna use the site as normal - before i didn't want to update anything, because it felt like it'd make it harder to change the layout later... but i can cross that bridge when i get to it !! besides, i have notepad, i can just copy and paste whatever i dont wanna lose!

im thinking of adding a collection page to this site? because i started collecting cherished teddy figurines and other memorabilia, and vhs tapes!!! so i kinda wanna show those off... i also just need more shelf space for all my vhs tapes, im almost out!!

should i make an art page??


i'm trying to think of little changes i can make to my site.. im this close to starting from scratch honestly and just going BONKERS with the layout but that's also so intimidating!!!! :(

but i've been making a lot of art lately and i wanna share it on here!! i'm not sure if i should just dedicate some blog posts to it, or link to my twitter, or just make a page to put all my art pieces?? hmmm...

i'll figure it out whenever i actually decide if i want to redo my sites layout hehe.... i still need to decide if i REAAALLY care about mobile compatibility more than i do makin my site look nice on a computer screen.. that's where websites are MEANT to be viewed anyway!!!

website updates.......... 2!!!!


finally!!!! my page.... is FULLY!! MOBILE!!! ACCESSIBLE!!!!!

it still looks better in landscape mode than it does portrait, but you can Read it in portrait now and click all the buttons no matter what!!!! thank you SOSOSOSOSOSOSOOOO MUCH to sadness, her guides are what let me do this!!! go check out her webpage!!!!

this site is where she hosts her tutorials for different coding things, too!! i figured out how to work media queries through here!!! highly recommend if youre still a wittle baby like i am at coding and your websites made of spaghetti !!

website updates!!


i'm trying to update my sites code to be a lot more mobile friendly!!! now my sidebar doesn't overlap with my main container in portrait!!

im still trying to figure out how to stop making my links squinch up behind my sidebar, but they're still clickable in landscape! i'm also trying to figure out how to stop my webring widget from overlapping the main container...

but, the good news for mobile users!! all u have to do to view my site in portrait mode is turn on desktop site and you're set for all my buttons!!

my 3DS hacking journey!! and some other stuff


wow it's been a while since i made a blog post on here!! i promise i'm still alive OTL

so what's been going on with me... well, i found out about adult high school! so i might be able to get a real diploma instead of having to pay like, 130 bucks to cram for a GED!! that's neat!

im also hyperfixating on yugioh for the first time in a while, so expect some posts about that hehehehe

BUT! this post is going to be about my journey FINALLY hacking my 3DS!!! hes a beat up little thing, the special year of luigi edition - so he's about 10 years old now!! finally sending my son to third grade

UNFORTUNATELY, my computer doesn't have a normal SD card slot, only microSD >.> SOOO i just bought a little converter off of amazon! it was only 8 dollars but had like 30k reviews and 4.5 stars, so let's hope it works out!!

i'll update this with my experience after the converter gets here!! it should only be a couple days, so keep an eye out!! i guess you could call this kind of a "How Easy Is It To Hack A Console When You Have No Prior Experience With Hacking Anything" review?? pray my little buddy doesn't brick!!!


so this was literally the easiest thing i've ever done? this is the guide i used, it's so incredibly extensive and helpful!!! it tells you exactly what to do and when to do it, and exactly what files you need and links to get them, everything!!it's extremely beginner friendly and i'd even argue the instructions are foolproof !! because IM a fool, and i got through just fine!!

it IS a little scary seeing a computer terminal pop up on your 3ds screen, but the end result is worth it !!!! i'm currently downloading a bunch of themes for Anemone3DS and im SOOO excited to go and get more games!!




first of all: i completely forgot to post about them here, but MY NIGHTCRAWLER COMICS MY PARTNER BOUGHT FOR ME CAME IN!!! they came in a while ago and i JUST remembered i should update here since i got the second one out!!!

AND another thing arrived just today!! i got a new roll of film!! it's in black and white, when i thought i was getting color, but thats my fault - at least i'll have some neat b+w pics of the house and our dogs when i get that developed!!

ALSO also ! you may have noticed.. the new buttons up at the top of the page!!! that's right!! i made a doll page, finally, as well as a place to show off my kandi collection!! i hope u all like it ^__^ i'm working on getting an email set up so that people can message me for potential trades and swapping patterns/dollz!!

that's about all that's happened recently, i think.. other than getting some more stuff from my partner, hehe ^v^ i'll remember to update next time!!!!

making some little dollz!


i'm probably going to make a page once i have more made, but i like this first one i made a lot so i'm making a whole blog for him!!!!

it's glam from metal family !! (WARNING the maker of the series is a raging homophobe and a proshitter so be wary getting into it!!! like uses the f slur in the russian dub more than once :grimace: i dont engage w her, i just sit in my little corner w normal people) i'm gonna be making more dolls w this base w his other outfits soon!!

the base i used is the pookie base by cinni!! you can find it here!

I made a manifesto page!!


i kind of got passionate about the whole thing because we were talking in the discord about how people critique neocities sites for having similar designs, yadda yadda, and then This Happened !

here is the link! it's kind of long and rambly but i'm honestly happy w it and i'm glad i'm able to share these thoughts w people :) i might add a button to my navigation bar to link to it in the morning?? idk if it's gonna fit so i might not, and just let ppl find it through the yesterweb manifesto page - for now u can get to it here! it's also just manifesto.html anyway, so it's not hard to find LOL



i literally could not be more excited right now. i ordered a decoden phonecase themed around Uncanny X-Men Kurt, because of course i did, and the maker sent me the finished photos today!!! LOOK AT HIM!!!!

this case was made by Decoden D on Etsy (shop here), i highly recommend them!! i bought a full custom case, but they also offer artistic liberty cases when their customs are closed!! i'm DEFINITELY going to be buying from them again, and if you're looking for a decently cheap decoden phone case, you should too!!!

first blog!


EDIT: i figured out why the progress lever was being a little funny!!! i just wasnt turning it all the way ^^;;

so today has good news... AND bad news.

the good news is, my vintage camera finally arrived!!! it's absolutely beautiful, the only thing i'm confused about is the progress lever, which didn't seem to be working? but i might just not have pulled enough of the film out of the canister i think? i'll have to look into that

the BAD news is... i almost immediately messed up the roll of film i've been keeping in the freezer for a month, while i was waiting FOR the camera. I was testing the rewind crank to make sure THAT worked, and i ended up winding the tongue of the tape back into the canister... and i don't have anything to get it out OTL

apparently they make tools for that?? or i could get another roll of film and like, lick that or something along those lines? so it's not a HUGE deal, it's just a little bit frustrating because i've already waited over a MONTH to get this camera!!

ah well... at least i HAVE the camera now :) it seems to be in good condition overall!! here's a picture!!

♫ isn't she beautiful~? ♫

it's a customized Vilia camera from 1975, straight from the USSR!! how neat is that??? i'm so happy i got my hands on this, it was so expensive but it was WORTH IT!!! i bought it from AnnaWollhexe on Etsy, she was so so sweet and made sure to keep me up-to-date, and checked in with me when my package was taking longer than expected!! highly recommend :) keep in mind she's shipping by russian post, so it'll take a good long while, AND it'll be pretty expensive, but again - SO worth it!


You can put whatever you like here! Buttons, blinkies, text, images, anything!


Another section!? How generous!

More Catsum

Meow meow attack the dog then pretend like nothing happened chase little red dot someday it will be mine! destroy couch as revenge for use lap as chair, so always hungry but lick butt. Be a nyan cat, feel great about it, be annoying 24/7 poop rainbows in litter box all day mrow yet catching very fast laser pointer.

Carrying out surveillance on the neighbour's dog. Sleeps on my head waffles, so pet me pet me don't pet me so stand with legs in litter box, but poop outside check cat door for ambush 10 times before coming in for hack up furballs, curl into a furry donut. Touch water with paw then recoil in horror. Cats are the world.