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Horror romance has a pretty wide definition - from something like Yume Nikki, to Shaun of the Dead, a horroromance is really any media with both horror and romance elements! Sometimes people just choose to put a romance in a horrifying setting, like a zombie apocalypse (Warm Bodies) or in a slasher film (Scream 1999, My Bloody Valentine, etc). The most popular examples of the genre, though, are things that most people would slot into "yandere" and call it a day - a piece of media about an obsessive person chasing after their love interest, whether or not they reciprocate, and going to horrifying lengths to be with them. You'll find a lot of characters like this in dating sims and animanga, which makes a lot of people disregard it as a really fun medium for storytelling!
this shrine has a list of both media i have and have not consumed that falls into this genre, but it obviously doesn't have EVERYTHING - it's just what i like or think i'll like, and are more emblematic of the second kind of horror romance :) more examples will be added of course!! and if anyone has recommendations PLEEEEASE. PLEEEEASSSEEE send them 2 me

horroromance games!

each image links to where you can find them! hover for content warnings!

John Doe (played)
John Doe is a game about You! You are a gas-station attendant, going through your daily routine. One day, at the bus stop, you spot a strange man... and then he shows up at your work, too, seeming interested in you.
This game was made in a week, originally, for a game jam! It has 7 endings total, and includes a spoiler-free guide to get all of them!

Parasite in Love (played)
Parasite in Love is a biological romance horror visual novel. In it, you play as a woman going on a vacation to a cabin by a lake! The only problem is, there's been an outbreak of brain-eating amoeba, and you decided to go for a swim.
This game has 4 different endings, and they're all FULLY voice acted, which was a really nice surprise when I played it the first time!

Melissa and Morris (watched and played)
These are two separate games - Morris is the direct sequel to Melissa! They have 2 endings each, which only really rely on one choice - and each game allows you to go back to right before you lock in so you can see the other ending!

semi-related decor/graphics :)

a heart-shaped slab of meat in a store container another piece of meat in a heart shape a pixel sprite of a bloody knife a pixel sprite of a human heart a pair of handcuffs opened, so the cuffs make two heart shapes a pink pixel of a bloodbag a 3d modeled milkshake with two straws, and hearts floating around it pink glittery text surrounded by hearts that says 'i want you dead' a divider that says 'i heart you' repeatedly in neon pink text a flashing red and black divider of blood splatters a pink divider of a heart connected to lines of a heart monitor a button advertising a horror chat, with a red 3d skull opening and closing its mouth. it says 'HORROR CHAT: chat music, private rooms, secure nickname a pink and white blinkie that says 'my heart beats for you' a dark purple and black blinkie that says 'lovestruck!' in white text a pink blinkie that says 'love = eternity'
an 88x31 button with an icon of a knife. the text reads 'kill me now!'
a stamp that is half black and half pink with a lacey white border. the black half says 'creepy', and the pink half says 'cute'