website updates.......... 2!!!!


finally!!!! my page.... is FULLY!! MOBILE!!! ACCESSIBLE!!!!!

it still looks better in landscape mode than it does portrait, but you can Read it in portrait now and click all the buttons no matter what!!!! thank you SOSOSOSOSOSOSOOOO MUCH to sadness, her guides are what let me do this!!! go check out her webpage!!!!

this site is where she hosts her tutorials for different coding things, too!! i figured out how to work media queries through here!!! highly recommend if youre still a wittle baby like i am at coding and your websites made of spaghetti !!

website updates!!


i'm trying to update my sites code to be a lot more mobile friendly!!! now my sidebar doesn't overlap with my main container in portrait!!

im still trying to figure out how to stop making my links squinch up behind my sidebar, but they're still clickable in landscape! i'm also trying to figure out how to stop my webring widget from overlapping the main container...

but, the good news for mobile users!! all u have to do to view my site in portrait mode is turn on desktop site and you're set for all my buttons!!

my 3DS hacking journey!! and some other stuff


wow it's been a while since i made a blog post on here!! i promise i'm still alive OTL

so what's been going on with me... well, i found out about adult high school! so i might be able to get a real diploma instead of having to pay like, 130 bucks to cram for a GED!! that's neat!

im also hyperfixating on yugioh for the first time in a while, so expect some posts about that hehehehe

BUT! this post is going to be about my journey FINALLY hacking my 3DS!!! hes a beat up little thing, the special year of luigi edition - so he's about 10 years old now!! finally sending my son to third grade

UNFORTUNATELY, my computer doesn't have a normal SD card slot, only microSD >.> SOOO i just bought a little converter off of amazon! it was only 8 dollars but had like 30k reviews and 4.5 stars, so let's hope it works out!!

i'll update this with my experience after the converter gets here!! it should only be a couple days, so keep an eye out!! i guess you could call this kind of a "How Easy Is It To Hack A Console When You Have No Prior Experience With Hacking Anything" review?? pray my little buddy doesn't brick!!!


so this was literally the easiest thing i've ever done? this is the guide i used, it's so incredibly extensive and helpful!!! it tells you exactly what to do and when to do it, and exactly what files you need and links to get them, everything!!it's extremely beginner friendly and i'd even argue the instructions are foolproof !! because IM a fool, and i got through just fine!!

it IS a little scary seeing a computer terminal pop up on your 3ds screen, but the end result is worth it !!!! i'm currently downloading a bunch of themes for Anemone3DS and im SOOO excited to go and get more games!!




first of all: i completely forgot to post about them here, but MY NIGHTCRAWLER COMICS MY PARTNER BOUGHT FOR ME CAME IN!!! they came in a while ago and i JUST remembered i should update here since i got the second one out!!!

AND another thing arrived just today!! i got a new roll of film!! it's in black and white, when i thought i was getting color, but thats my fault - at least i'll have some neat b+w pics of the house and our dogs when i get that developed!!

ALSO also ! you may have noticed.. the new buttons up at the top of the page!!! that's right!! i made a doll page, finally, as well as a place to show off my kandi collection!! i hope u all like it ^__^ i'm working on getting an email set up so that people can message me for potential trades and swapping patterns/dollz!!

that's about all that's happened recently, i think.. other than getting some more stuff from my partner, hehe ^v^ i'll remember to update next time!!!!

making some little dollz!


i'm probably going to make a page once i have more made, but i like this first one i made a lot so i'm making a whole blog for him!!!!

it's glam from metal family !! (WARNING the maker of the series is a raging homophobe and a proshitter so be wary getting into it!!! like uses the f slur in the russian dub more than once :grimace: i dont engage w her, i just sit in my little corner w normal people) i'm gonna be making more dolls w this base w his other outfits soon!!

the base i used is the pookie base by cinni!! you can find it here!

I made a manifesto page!!


i kind of got passionate about the whole thing because we were talking in the discord about how people critique neocities sites for having similar designs, yadda yadda, and then This Happened !

here is the link! it's kind of long and rambly but i'm honestly happy w it and i'm glad i'm able to share these thoughts w people :) i might add a button to my navigation bar to link to it in the morning?? idk if it's gonna fit so i might not, and just let ppl find it through the yesterweb manifesto page - for now u can get to it here! it's also just manifesto.html anyway, so it's not hard to find LOL



i literally could not be more excited right now. i ordered a decoden phonecase themed around Uncanny X-Men Kurt, because of course i did, and the maker sent me the finished photos today!!! LOOK AT HIM!!!!

this case was made by Decoden D on Etsy (shop here), i highly recommend them!! i bought a full custom case, but they also offer artistic liberty cases when their customs are closed!! i'm DEFINITELY going to be buying from them again, and if you're looking for a decently cheap decoden phone case, you should too!!!

first blog!


EDIT: i figured out why the progress lever was being a little funny!!! i just wasnt turning it all the way ^^;;

so today has good news... AND bad news.

the good news is, my vintage camera finally arrived!!! it's absolutely beautiful, the only thing i'm confused about is the progress lever, which didn't seem to be working? but i might just not have pulled enough of the film out of the canister i think? i'll have to look into that

the BAD news is... i almost immediately messed up the roll of film i've been keeping in the freezer for a month, while i was waiting FOR the camera. I was testing the rewind crank to make sure THAT worked, and i ended up winding the tongue of the tape back into the canister... and i don't have anything to get it out OTL

apparently they make tools for that?? or i could get another roll of film and like, lick that or something along those lines? so it's not a HUGE deal, it's just a little bit frustrating because i've already waited over a MONTH to get this camera!!

ah well... at least i HAVE the camera now :) it seems to be in good condition overall!! here's a picture!!

♫ isn't she beautiful~? ♫

it's a customized Vilia camera from 1975, straight from the USSR!! how neat is that??? i'm so happy i got my hands on this, it was so expensive but it was WORTH IT!!! i bought it from AnnaWollhexe on Etsy, she was so so sweet and made sure to keep me up-to-date, and checked in with me when my package was taking longer than expected!! highly recommend :) keep in mind she's shipping by russian post, so it'll take a good long while, AND it'll be pretty expensive, but again - SO worth it!