what is selfshipping?

selfshipping is exactly what it sounds like !! you ship your self or a self-insert character - your S/I - with a particular fictional character you like! this can be romantic, platonic, or familial! these characters are referred to as your F/Os, or fictional others - a play on S/O for significant other!

why tho?

a lot of reasons! some people do it to cope with certain things like compulsory heterosexuality or trauma, others do it because it's fun! im a little bit in both camps myself :)

selfshipping is something that has brought me a lot of comfort over the years, and has allowed me to explore aspects of myself that wouldnt be feasible to in real life! its contributed a lot to my mental health and my self-image! obv its super important to me, hence this shrines existence!!


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my art/base edits!

my f/os!

this is not a full list, just the ones that i'm most "protective" of/fixated on!


here's graphics stuff that reminds me of my f/os :) which corresponds to which f/o?? thats up to you.....

I LOVE MY HUSBAND!  i heart my computer i do it on my desktop sometimes i purr be kind to your computer night person angel when it is darkest, the stars come out let your heart guide you. it whispers, so listen closely happy being me i'm digital i glow in the dark searching for my authentic self
a stamp of vocaloid kaito dancing soulmates in stupidity ur heaven sent my angel i love the night i love old web falling in love it's not about the player, it's about the music a stamp showing a set of canine teeth about to bite
vocaloid kaito with yellow pompoms vocaloid kaito twirling in a circle vocaloid kaito crying on the ground after dropping his ice cream a detailed pixel sprite of vocaloid kaito a pixel sprite of vocaloid kaito standing in front of a large ice cream cone
a mock windows95 popup that says 'attempting to give a damn...' with a slow loading bar a mockup of a pink word document with 'i love you' being typed above an ascii heart a mock windows98 popup saying 'you are the 999,999th visitor! congratulations you won!' a mock windows95 popup with a scrolling image of a smiley face a smiling kaomoji with lovehearts around it a mock hitconjurer pop up advertising view bots a mock popup saying 'your computer could be infected!' with a button that says 'scan now!' a mock window that says 'gaming palace - come and play' with a dropdown menu and open button a mock download window saying 'downloading virus: loading... please wait' with a loading bar. when the bar fills, another popup appears saying 'virus instaled!: download complet!' chunky 3d interlocked mars symbols, rotating skinny blue 3d interlocked mars symbols, rotating a spinning 3d laptop an illustrated dove moving its wings a golden crucifix, spinning a mouse cursor moving in a heart shape, leaving a trail a fancy cross - its blue with a gold border, and has a mostly-transparent image of hands clasped in prayer overlayed inside a fake hole in the screen, showing html vampire teeth opening and closing glittery pink text that says 'i want you dead' surrounded by floating hearts a border collie standing with its front paws on an old computer displaying microsoft paint a button that says 'kiss me' next to a small heart pixel a 3d, rotating, iridescent kitchen knife heart shaped handcuffs an atari console a golden rosary angel wings a small silver rosary a pixel sprite of an angel statue a small pixel of a silver crucifix a statue of an angel shielding itself with one wing a statue of an angel looking at the ground, wings spread a pixel gif of the grudge sticking her head out of a tv, looking embarrassed, and then retreating a pixel sprite of yugi muto from yugioh a pixel sprite of yami yugi/atem from yugioh a pixel gif of taro the cat  smiling on the screen of a sony pocketstation pixel text that says 'must have love' with hearts above it pixel of a notecard that says 'only you' with a heart paperclip a pixel sprite of 4 angel wings, the top two curled in front