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believe it or not, this is NOT a lego monkie kid exclusive wukong shrine ! thats just what i have the most content of right now lol
sun wukong is the lead character (of sorts) in the 16th century novel, "journey to the west", following him on his misadventures! the main reason for all of them, too, is that he was so scared of death he decided to become immortal multiple times over - not to mention his naturally tricksy nature! he starts as just a monkey born from a stone, but eventually develops crazy supernatural abilities through taoism!! he can transform into 72 different animals and objects (with each transformation being a life he has - yknow how they say cats have 9 lives? hes got 72!), on TOP of the way of immortality taught to him by a taoist monk, and crossing his name out of the book of life and death after getting in trouble for taking advantage of the dragon king - and that's not even all of the layers of immortality he has!!!
after this, he starts causing trouble up in heaven - the jade emperor thought that maybe if he indulged him a little, he'd be easier to handle, but we know better don't we? they assign him to guard the heavenly peaches (only after he got mad about being a stable boy), and when he finds out that tending to peaches isn't even a special job, he gets SO MAD that he gets drunk (off of the royal immortal wine, of course) and wanders to the top of the jade emperor's palace, where he eats laozi's pills of immortality AND xi wangmus peaches of immortality, then drinks THE REST of the immortal wine and runs off! they obviously try to stop him, but hes just too smart, and fast, and cool for them - so they have to get the Buddha involved!
of course, he then picks a fight with the Buddha about how HE should be the new jade emperor, and had to be locked under a mountain for 500 years about it when he failed the Buddhas challenge to escape his palm. he THOUGHT he had done it when he leaped to the end of the universe and saw five "pillars", which he then proceeded to carve his name into and piss on, but it turned out those were just buddhas fingers. in exchange for his freedom from the mountain, he offers to help with protecting the immortal monk, tang sanzang, on his journey to the west (title drop!) to get the buddhist sutras!! since demons and other bad people think if they eat the monk, then THEY'LL become immortal, too. and THEN, after ALL of that, he ATTAINS BUDDHAHOOD because protecting tang sanzang taught him how valuable all the principles and teaching of buddhism are!!!
something is deeply wrong w this fucking monkey and im crazy abt him. smiles so serenely

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